Yoga Teacher Mentoring


After you complete your Yoga Teacher Training...Then what?

Most Yoga Teachers upon completion of a 200 Hour Training crave more. From my own experience I felt I needed a mentor, someone who could offer me support and guidance.  I had some knowledge and I certainly had the passion and the inspiration however, I needed direction. 

As I went along, I figured it out. Mostly with weekend workshops, immersions, ashram stays and yoga retreats. in other words, much extra time spent chasing information and money spent above and beyond the Teacher Training. 

I designed my intensive 200 hour registered teacher training with so much more creativity and support.  I have always been available for my students to assist them with their sequences.  I like to to support and create a safe space for them to ask what they need of me. 

When we have staff assisting in the program, I am always present.  We are together as a Sangha.  

What I Offer....

*Diving into topics that you feel you need a bit more knowledge in. 

*Sharpening your teaching skills.

*Conveying your unique offering as a Yoga Teacher. 

*Creating dharma chats to weave into your classes with confidence.

*Scripting your personal Yoga Nidra to enhance your students guided meditations.

*Thriving spiritually and financially as a Yoga Teacher.

*Class construction.

*Finding your voice. 

*Strengthening your cues.

*Becoming comfortable with adding themes, pranayama and philosophy to your classes.

*Gaining confidence to walk around the room. Most teachers are glued to their mats for security.

*Teaching without demoing...just cues.

*Having the ability and intuition to read your students and where they are that day - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Bring It to the Next Level....

Please contact me to assist you in crafting your practice as a Yoga Teacher, in order to sharpen your teaching skills and allow you to further your confidence in a way that serves others and sustains your passion.

Mentoring sessions are one on one with me.