Rockstar Pose Yoga in Bergen County
Robert Sturman

Yoga Styles

These are styles of Yoga for Individual / Private Practice- Some of these I weave into my small Group Classes, which are rooted in Hatha and Vinyasa. 

All of these “Styles” below include meditation, pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and a Guided Visualization.  A wide variety of Yoga Styles make it ideal for a practitioner regardless of age or level of ability to benefit from. A beginner will see growth in just a few weeks and have the option to join a Group Class or even  enjoy their own Practice at home. 

Beginner Yoga - If you are new to Yoga you will start with the basics. Step by step guidance that builds a Yoga foundation and confidence. You will learn to use blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps and even the wall for support. Ideally in a short time you will be ready and able to move into a group practice or your own at home practice. 

Hatha Yoga - The Union through Discipline of Force. Also, means willful or forceful. We focus on the physical body as well as the spiritual body. Hatha Yoga is a more static like meditative practice that assist in developing the mind and spirit as well as the body and uniting it with the breath. 

Vinyasa Yoga - From the Sanskrit Word “To Place in a Special Way”. A more dynamic practice with deliberate sequencing to acquire balance and achieve an ongoing flow, and coordinating the breath to move the body. 

Gentle Yoga - A less intense and non-strenuous practice, focuses on stretching not strength or extreme flexibility. Standing postures as well as low impact backbends and forward folds fall into this style of Yoga. This class is not Seated or Supine in its entirety. Excellent for Post Natal. 

Restorative Yoga - This practice allows you to slow down and “restore” via passive stretching your body gently opens, during long holds your muscles deeply restore and relax. This practice is ideal while recovering from illness or injury. It also provides balance and nurturing during hectic and stressful times. Props are used to support your body rather than your muscles.

Yin Yoga - A slow paced style of Yoga that applies moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body - fascia, ligaments, and tendons. This practice increases circulation to the joints and aids in flexibility.  Yin cultivates awareness of inner silence and stillness. Poses are held from 45 seconds to two minutes for beginners and up to five or more minutes for an advanced practitioner. Yin is supported by props- bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and sandbags that allow you to further melt into the pose. 

Prenatal Yoga - A mix of stretching and controlled breathing to prepare the expectant mother for childbirth. This Yoga form increases flexibility and strength to the muscles used during childbirth. All postures are suitable for the mom to be and fully supported. 

Chair Yoga - Very Gentle Seated or Standing Poses using the support of a Chair. The poses stem from Hatha Yoga. A wonderful way to incorporate balance poses safely into your practice. Chair Yoga is the perfect choice of practice for someone who has issues or difficulty with getting up and down from the mat. Beneficial for an elderly person and those with disabilities.  Excellent for someone who is coping and managing pain however, wants to continue to work on strength and flexibility.  

Viniyoga - A practice tailored to your individual needs. This practice allows Yoga to meet you in the space your body is in. All movements are coordinated accurately to your specific needs. This is a very personalized practice that is adapted to you only! 

Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. In this practice all senses except for hearing are withdrawn. It offers deep relaxation. A 20 minute  Yoga Nidra Practice equals 4 hours of sleep. This practice reduces stress and tension, it’s excellent for anxiety. It is often used for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I end each and every practice with a taste of Yoga Nidra!